New Zealand company, international cloud, built in Wordpress security

Modern hosting technology

Cloud infrastructure

Proven cloud server technology to build stateless elastic infrastructure that scales on demand. This allows us to deliver unprecedented speed and reliablity.

Close to your customers

Our servers are geographically close to New Zealand and Australian customers to reduce network latency.

Fasty, fast, fast

We often handle traffic spikes that would challange any shared hosting. We pride ourselves on our service exceeding expectations.

Baked in WP Security

We auto scan Wordpress installation health and inform you of required updates.

Moving your site

We are happy to move your site for free, even if you have Wordpress hacking issues we can spruce it up.

Are you a Reseller?

We host a number of sites for designers where we are a transparent provider. We even have special pricing!

Simple pricing

We look after resellers too email us
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