About Pureflow

Pureflow Ltd is a NZ registered company and we deploy our code from Wanaka, New Zealand.

Having experienced the complexities first hand of building our own servers while also designing, coding and managing clients expectations we saw an opening for a 'new era' hosting company.

The new era we'd like to bring to you is one where you simply do not have to worry about your hosting, it'll scale to demand, advise you if something needs to be dealt with and help you rest easy and be more efficient.

Lloyd Weehuizen

Uber Geek and Dad of Twins

I've been coding and building servers since before the internet was a household name, in my teenage years I ran a popular dialup Bulletin Board System and fell in love with developing software and running servers.

Since then I've shipped console games, mobile apps, and built large auto scaling server clusters that serve thousands of concurrent users and keep mission critical websites online. I've come to realise the best way to build products is for the developers to run and support them too, this ensures reliability and ease of use for end users.

Pureflow started as a hobby project for me after Gwilym showed me his hosting problems. I challenged myself to bring the auto scaling, auto healing cloud infrastructure I build for large scale apps and games to standard open source web hosting and I think we've achieved that, but we still have so many plans, so watch this space!

Gwilym Griffith-Jones

Dept. of Dreams & Ideas

I built my first website with Paul Kennet in 1992. Well he built it while I watched and marvelled. For some reason, ever since I wanted to learn to code properly.

Since then, in solving the real world web problems of various businesses I've built, and launching pie-in-the-sky start-ups, I've metamorphosed into enough of a coder and designer to realise my imposter syndrome will probably be with me for life, and that is probably not a bad thing.

Pureflow for me is a way of solving my own hosting problems while solving other peoples at the same time. It's also about working in a team with Lloyd as I'm not convinced working in isolation is a sustainable solution.