Faster load times

We use proven cloud server technology to build stateless elastic infrastructure that scales on demand.

This allows us to deliver unprecedented speed and reliablity for our customers.

  • We add more servers to your site automatically as required
  • Custom built caching layers greatly reduce page load times
  • Geographically close to New Zealand and Australian customers to reduce network latency
  • Clusters for other markets coming soon please enquire


Wordpress security baked in

Our Wordpress specific architecture aims to take the security headaches away.

We are constantly evolving this in response to new security threats:

  • Stringent restriction of execution on Wordpress core code
  • Jailed execution greatly reduces system attack surface
  • White-listed outgoing server email to reduce the chance of trojans getting your domain email black-listed


Advanced monitoring

The best way for us to ensure service is to constantly monitor our infrastructure and your site. We do this is in a number of ways.

  • Metrics which automatically trigger server scaling
  • Database connectivity tests that trigger automatic failover to hot spares
  • Automated scans that alert you to possible problems with your sites architecture, security issues with Wordpress or its plugins
  • Connectivity checks from multiple locations around the world