Pureflow FAQ

How does the Elastic Scaling actually work?

CPU usage on machines is monitored and when reaching a threshold more machines are added to the pool. Machines in the cluster are stateless.

Is the MYSQL database automatically replicated/load balanced

We run a High Availability MYSQL cluster that is replicated

How about sites that do not run Wordpress?

We have a number of Laravel sites on our system (we'd like more!) and are looking at offering SilverStripe specific hosting.

Wouldn't it be better for me to put my site on Amazon myself?

If you have skills. Of course! We think our experience and scale enables us to offer valuable peace of mind and support and we aim to make the small premium you pay us over Amazon repay itself many times over.

The immediate value of Pureflow is to people who have sites on shared hosting, would like to harness cloud power and would rather focus on what they do best than learning to manage servers themselves.