Pureflow Features

Clusters with Elastic Scaling and Redundency

Large traffic spikes or noisy neighbours getting you down? We'll scale and distribute your site across multiple servers automatically. Our clusters auto heal and scale themselves allowing us to survive big traffic spikes and individual system failures.

Daily Billing

We charge a low daily rate for each site then bill a small margin on excess traffic and disk usage. All payments are in advance like a pre-paid mobile phone.

SSL Included

Encrypting your site content with SSL is increasingly important as browsers start to highlight if sites are not encrypted and search engines penalize non-encrypted sites in search results. We provide free SSL encryption through Let's Encrypt for all sites via a simple switch in the dashboard.

Monthly Site Health Updates

We want to avoid any nasty surprises. Each month we'll send you an overview email showing the health of your sites, this includes security and general site info like bad links and DNS expiration.

Sites in development are free

We know what it's like, you have sites in development for customers sometimes for months, or are slowly working up your own project. On Pureflow you only pay when you put your site live on it's domain.

Free site migrations to Pureflow

Have a lot of sites and fearful of all the work in moving them. We can help. We have some great tools for migrating sites over and can help you keep your service seamless and.

Wordpress threat scanning

We scan all Wordpress sites for outdated plugins and core files and alert you with the level of threat.

Wordpress login rate limiting

We monitor login attempts on Wordpress sites and block brute force attacks.

SSH/sFTP access

Access all your sites from a single login via SSH key authentication.

Off Site Backups

As well as redundency in the cloud we backup all data to a secure location in New Zealand.