Get started

We would love to look after your sites hosting requirements, and we'd be happy to migrate your site to Pureflow for free.



If you can provide us with a working backed up version of the site or access details for your current server we can migrate your site to Pureflow for free.

We do have limits on how many transfers we can do in a week, yes we all need to sleep sometimes. Please contact us regarding how long transfers are currently taking.

  • Move to Pureflow for free
  • We will automatically upgrade your current Wordpress core and plugins to latest version and scan for malware


Site rescue

Wordpress is a great platform and part of it's huge success is it has become a target for hackers around the world.

If your site has been hacked, we can quite possibly rescue it from it's current in-secure host and remove any malware or backdoors.


Custom hosting

If you have a large or fast growing site and would like to move it's hosting into the future we can provide a custom cloud hosting solution for sites of any size.

  • Cloud scalabilty
  • International cache layers
  • Contact us for more information