Pureflow Pricing

Why use managed hosting? Our cutomers typically make over 100% margin on reselling our premium hosting while doing less work with less stress. We believe in maximising your strengths.

Our pricing model is a low monthly charge of $9.99 per site which includes 0.5GB of diskspace and 1GB of traffic. The more sites you have with Pureflow, the more discount we'll give you up to $5.00 per site when you reach 100 sites!

If your site eats through more space or traffic we bill for it daily. This allows us to offer a truly scalable service, if your sites go ballistic there is no panic involved as our elastic cloud just steps up and your site keeps delivering.

Please note - we only charge you for sites that are live. Sites in development are free! Within the normal disk and traffic limits.

Base charges

Number of sites Price per site (ex gst)
1 $9.99
25 $8.78
50 $7.52
75 $6.25
100+ $4.99

Usage charges

Usage Price(ex gst)
Traffic per GB$0.34
Disk per GB per Month$1.00