Pureflow Service Level Agreement

We've purposefully written this minus legalese so as to make it as clear as possible.

Server Performance and Location

  • Our servers are located in Sydney distributed for geographic redundancy across 3 AWS data centers.
  • Our stateless architecture ensures failure of any server instances, or location, triggers automatic fail-over.
  • Traffic spikes dynamically allocate more resources based on demand.
  • Sites on Pureflow do not have enforced resource limits like a typical, old school, shared or VPS based hosting environment.

Uptime Guarantee

  • All sites on Pureflow are constantly, individually, monitored and if they cease to respond our Dev Ops team is alerted within seconds 24 hours a day.
  • Our infrastructure is seperatly monitored to ensure if our cloud performance is affected at any time our Dev Ops team is alerted.
  • We believe 99.9% uptime guarantees are meaningless as EVERY service experiences downtime eventually. Uptime is only part of the picture, for instance your site may be up but crawling and barely responding to requests. As an indication of the level of uptime you can expect from Pureflow we have published our stats above.

Support Response

  • Our NZ based support is available 12 hours day, 8am - 8pm NZT, through support@pureflow.io.
  • We are a reseller focused service we see the Reseller as the first line of support and offer them connection to our Dev Ops team through a dedicated Slack channel.

Date Integrity

  • All data is stored in three data centers across multiple redundant drives.
  • We backup to a geographically remote location daily and maintain weekly and monthly snapshots.

If you have any further questions please contact: support@pureflow.io